Even as a little girl Tiffany displayed a creative spirit. She truly believes writing is her form of art to hopefully foster conversations that positively impact the world. She loves to express herself through stories that are meaningful to her. Stories that make you think beyond the pages, beyond the book and within yourself. Because she hopes, in every book there is a message for someone.

Tiffany is genre fluid and truly writes from her heart. Her passion for social justice, equality, and women’s rights are displayed in her work. Tiffany is a native of the DMV but currently lives in Arkansas with her four daughters. She is an avid reader and activist.

This site serves as a portfolio of the writing samples and work she has done. It’s also to update followers on her writing journey and published works. Along with the novella Karmic Lies she has plans to release a novel by the end of 2019 and a second, the beginning of 2020. Stay tuned for more information and pre-order availability.

Tiffany has a Certificate in Media Communications and an Associates in Creative Writing for Entertainment. She will be graduating May 2019 with her Bachelor’s, all from Full Sail University. At Full Sail she learned from people in the writing and creative industry with work in comics, novels, scripts and games. 

As an avid reader, she also likes to help other indie authors market and sale their books, writing reviews, and helping to market their books on her social media outlets. She prides herself in staying up to date on the latest markets and trends. She is active on Twitter and Instagram under the handle TiffanyWrites2 on both.

Soon she will be adding a YouTube page and a mentoring service to help writers who have trouble finding their voice and creatively marketing their novels to the right audience. She dreams of one day being a Literary Agent and Starting an Indie Publishing Company.


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