More Than A Review… This is Real Life!!

Honeytrap... So its Thursday night (last week), and I have a broke down car and I decided to Netflix and chill by myself. So I usually watch a couple of shows, but I decided to try a movie I hadn't seen before. Why did I pick this movie? I tell you why, because Jessica Sula's … Continue reading More Than A Review… This is Real Life!!

Review: Jessica Williams

The Incredible Jessica James So the other day I was feeling a little discouraged, writing is my thing, you know. So I scanned Netflix and the beautiful Jessica Williams's movie came up. I really thought it was a television series at first, actually I was kind of hoping it was.  Jessica James's character is a … Continue reading Review: Jessica Williams

Can we get another President?

I'm so tired of this man.... are you? Once again Trump spread false news and leads to more confusion. He first posted a tweet thanking Senator McCain for coming to vote on the repeal of Obamacare and then bashes him and other Senators for voting no. Saying they let down the American people. No, they … Continue reading Can we get another President?

To The Bone – A Netflix Original

Its Review Time!!!! So I was having quite a moment last night, my anxiety was on an all time high and I was a wreck. I am so used to binge watching Pretty Little Liars (don't ask.. I am trying to see where its going) and Criminal Minds from the beginning. I am also watching … Continue reading To The Bone – A Netflix Original

She is us… we are her… we could be.

Someone has lost their life... this is not a time to be petty and childish... Justine Damond, her name is something important, yes she is a white woman, but WHY DOES THAT MATTER? This woman, called the police for protection and instead she was shot dead in the street as if she was the person … Continue reading She is us… we are her… we could be.

Jay Z, Jay Z, Jay Z… Boy You Still Got It!

Review Time!!!!   So after debating in my head since the debut of 4:44 whether I was going to redo my membership for Tidal, Facebook made me aware that Jay had snuck his new album to iTunes this morning. Best part was, my Apple Music Membership covered it!  Let me tell you, I have been … Continue reading Jay Z, Jay Z, Jay Z… Boy You Still Got It!