Standing Up – In Any Way – Its Necessary!

This was no comedy and this is no ordinary review. "Dear White People" hits us with facts and real issues that need to be addressed.


Breaking My Silence…

Over the last month, I have been silent - not in real life, but virtually silent. I stopped writing because I felt like my writing was just because, it had no real meaning and no real purpose behind it. So I stopped and starting thinking about my next moves. During the last few months, I … Continue reading Breaking My Silence…

More Than A Review… This is Real Life!!

Honeytrap... So its Thursday night (last week), and I have a broke down car and I decided to Netflix and chill by myself. So I usually watch a couple of shows, but I decided to try a movie I hadn't seen before. Why did I pick this movie? I tell you why, because Jessica Sula's … Continue reading More Than A Review… This is Real Life!!

Review: Jessica Williams

The Incredible Jessica James So the other day I was feeling a little discouraged, writing is my thing, you know. So I scanned Netflix and the beautiful Jessica Williams's movie came up. I really thought it was a television series at first, actually I was kind of hoping it was.  Jessica James's character is a … Continue reading Review: Jessica Williams